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About Us

Bringing An Unprecedented Level Of Excellence To The Kosher Chocolate Market.

In 2003,

The famous Momentum gift & chocolate shop opened at 9 Yaakov Meir Street in Jerusalem’s Geulah neighbourhood.

Within A Short Period Of Time,

However, its owners were having difficulty in finding the right chocolates and pralines that met the taste and kashrus standards of their upscale chocolate boutique. Their solution? To create their own chocolate factory.

By 2004, Hauser Of Belgium Was Born.

Since then, the winning combination of Belgian top-quality Chalav Yisrael and Pareve chocolates plus the most uncompromising Kashrus supervision has brought Hauser of Belgium to unprecedented levels of excellence in the kosher chocolate market.

Today, The Family-Owned, Family-Run Hauser Of Belgium - Ships Its World-Class Chocolates And Pralines To Wholesalers Worldwide.

Hauser of Belgium.

The name says it all. Exclusive producers of heavenly dairy and pareve chocolates under the strict kashrus supervision of Machzikei Hadas of Antwerp; Hauser has been supplying the Jewish consumer with top quality pralines and chocolates for nearly a decade. Chocolate wholesalers and retailers all over the globe have been delighted to order their upper end chocolates solely from Hauser of Belgium.

Our Pralines & Truffles

Are created using quality chocolate containing well over the fifty percent minimum of cocoa powder mandatory by Belgian law. Our pledge of excellence ensures that we produce our pralines and truffles using chocolate created from the highest quality cocoa beans the world has to offer. Passionate about our commitment to quality, we ensure that each and every chocolate that leaves our factory produces the tasteful delight that you have come to expect from Hauser.

Let The Taste Take You Away

Chocolate Like No Other

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