July 2018

From the Bean to Chocolate We now come to the remarkable art of chocolate making, a process that is comparable with the skill and finesse of the world’s greatest chefs. The manufacturing process requires much time and painstaking care. Just to make an individual-size chocolate bar, for instance, takes from two to four days or more. The problems involved in chocolate production especially in regards to kosher chocolate production are not generally understood and it is hoped that this review, will contribute to an appreciation of

History of Chocolate   Chocolate through the Years Chocolate, the delicacy that seems to have been around forever, is in fact quite a recent invention. A world without chocolate seems like a most tasteless place to live. But with only 500 years since its discovery and less than 200 years since mass production, humanity somehow survived without this sweet for centuries. When Christopher Columbus first visited the New World, he encountered many new foods; potatoes, tomatoes, corn. Amidst these wondrous vegetables, he missed the fact that cocoa